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About Pillars

For happy family, For better world


Pillars is trying to promote consumer welfare by helping our market customers in making the best choice in various fields. 

Our Value

This is Jace Han, the CEO of Pillars Inc..

As a professional trading company, our company values sharing trustful & valuable products all over the world and helping our market customers in  making the best choice.

To realize our values, our company give you three promises,

Customers satisfaction

Trustful products with right price

Social responsibility

We would like you to watch us with continuous interest and unfailing support as we are growing to become a company that always provides the enhancement in quality of life to customers.

“We will do our best for happy family, better world.”

Corporate Indentity



Pillar of cloud giving the shade in the hot daytime


Pillar of fire giving the light at dark night

‘Make our customers believe in our choice.’

To make sure that the choices with us are always the best to customers,

We strive for sharing valuable products with reasonable price for happy family & better world.

Social Company

We take actual action for the better world 

Customer Satisfaction

Trustful Products

Social Enterprise

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