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All-in-one feeding solution


Innovated breastmilk bottle invented in Israel


As the founders of BornFree which introduced the first BPA-free baby bottles, nanobébé was invented in Israel with forces consisting of pediatricians, lactation consultants, and biomedical engineers to once again shake up the market with the first baby bottle designed to preserve essential breastmilk nutrients.



Innovative SCIENCE

nanobébé is a designated baby feeding bottle that could be warmed quickly, without destroying precious nutrients of breastmilk. 


​Its uniquely designed bottles improve the entire process of feeding breaskmilk from a bottle. From pumping through storing and warming, the nanobébé bottle protects your breast milk and gives baby an experience second only to breastfeeding itself. 

Product  Highlights

Breastmilk Bottle Tilted.jpg
half bowl with nipple.jpg

All-in-one feeding solution

nanobébé vision is to be the first choice for the modern breastfeeding mom.

Along with our valuable experience as both parents and veterans of the field, its dedication to babies’ health, guides all of our product development decisions. 

From bottle warmers to sterilizers to breastmilk bags, nanobébé makes products that make safe and healthy feeding a breeze, without compromising on convenience and style. nanobébé sleek and modern ecosystem of health-focused feeding essentials is a game changer for today’s breastfeeding moms, their family and above all… baby.

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